Jiaxin Hu

Mini-Thesis Project


Camera tracking

Animation Demo Reel


In this short film, we mainly wished to express the widespread discrimination in society, such as gender discrimination, racism, sexual orientation discrimination and so on. People have a tendency to reject those who are different from them, and not treat everyone equally. Sometimes those who discriminate are also victims of discrimination themselves. After determining the action, I shot the reference of the action and then animated in Maya. I used joints and blendshapes to finish rigging in Maya for this short film. I was mainly responsible for animating, storyboarding, rigging, and modeling.


POSTMAN is a story about the rapid development of technology. In the world of the film, automation has taken away jobs that were once held by workers. Customers often use high-tech facilities to mail goods. However, there are always some things that can’t be sent by machine. Workers are still valuable. I was mainly responsible for co-direction, storyboarding, animating, rigging, modeling, and compositing for this short film. The animating and rigging were done in Maya, and the modeling was done with Maya and Mudbox. Compositing was finished in After Effects.